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Our Vision

We here at Mstudioarts Photography want to make every event a fun and lasting memory. Our goal is to add to the fun by creating lasting memories for everyone to enjoy at an affordable price. We enjoy being unique and creative with our booth and do our best to tailor it to your events.

Our Story

Hi My Name is Marco, owner and operator of Mstudioarts photography. Me and my wife Emilie with the help of our niece Lauren started this photobooth service because we found a need for something fun at events that was not too so expensive. My wife and I actually wanted to have a photobooth at our own wedding but it was not one of our priorities because of our budget and a lot of other companies were far too expensive and did not have a lot of the services we wanted. I have been doing photography since 2009 and had the equipment so decided to see if people would like our services. We have met so many great people and were apart of some very memorable events over the years. We hope we can help you capture some fun, and extraordinary memories!